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Our Team

Founded in 2008, we are family photography specialist with love and passion. May we introduce you our wonderful staffs, they keen on making you as memorable as possible during your shooting experience at SENS Studio.


Roy Lee

Chief Photographer

Roy Lee has a strong basis of photography skills, his style will be adjusted depends on the personalities of the participants. He is an expert in wedding and pregnancy photography. In his photographer lifetime, he witnessed the milestones of numerous families. From pregnancy to newborn, newborn to kids, kids to graduation, graduation, and wedding, a cycle of life can be seen. Roy as an experienced photographer, understands the foundation and adaptation ability is a core during the process, however, the preparation and involvement of participants are also important factors. Therefore, throughout the communication process, he understands participants’ needs and thoughts, which makes the best result.


Chi Lau

Assistant Chief Photographer

“Photography can never be the same”, Chi said, one of the senior photographers of SENS Studio. He thinks that bringing happiness to participants is one of the responsibilities of a professional photographer. The chemistry of interaction between participants and the photographer can construct a joyful atmosphere and allow them to enjoy the process of shooting which will make the best result.

Man Liu

Senior Photographer

Man Liu is our Senior Photographer and Kwun Tong Branch Supervisor. She has a moody and stylish shooting style. For Man, photography is more than a professional, it is also about her life. Pictures are time machines, they can recall your memories and back to the time that the pictures were taken and feel again the moment. Man used to apply her feminine angle to record the stories behind.


Ricky Chan

Senior Photographer

Ricky Chan is an optimistic photographer which can tell directly from his works. Apart from his lively side, he also has a delicate characteristic. Ricky knows the importance of timing for photography, significant moments of life are easily missed.


Jacky Wong

Senior Photographer

In the 8 years of photography, Jacky Wong has been go through different categories, Wedding, product and now portrait. Jacky has his specific angles to capture the interaction and the emotions of participants, the responsibility of photographer is magnifying the feelings and relationship between one and others.


Tom Chan

Senior Photographer

Tom Chan, our outdoor shooting specialist photographer. Apart from family photographer, he also well-experienced in wedding photography as well. Tom loves kids and pets, as he keeps seven cats in his house. Thus, Tom understands caring and being patient are very important in take care both kids and pets. He loves their lovely face so much. Tom hopes to capture every touching moment for every family through his lens and the kids can remember the childhood again when they grow up.


Art Consultants

Their role is to consult and offer expertise. Our art consultant helped choosing high quality photos and products for clients, using their talented knowledge and connoisseurship.

Reception Team

Our reception team is full of Joy and energetic. They welcome visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries. Their gentle and emphatic attitude to our valued customers are unique. They dedicated to providing the best possible customer services with passion, seriousness and kindness.


Design Team

Our design team is full of creative and talented. They will provide intimate design services for customers, and then produce photo frames, albums and other products for home decoration. It usually needs 90 working days for production. After your products are finished, we will inform you by sending a SMS, kindly please prepare your own shopping bag.

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